Thematic Groups & Task forces

A strong and effective mechanism for obtaining common positions in today’s most urgent transport issues as well as achieving scientifically sound and well documented solutions for transport problems are the ECTRI Thematic Groups (TG) and Task Forces (TF), which are linked to the core scientific competences of ECTRI Members.


The TG are content oriented groups composed of researchers. They are meant to represent ECTRI’s core research competences, addressing in particular multimodal perspective, and support the ECTRI strategy implementation. They are set up top-down for medium-long term. The functioning of the TG are developed in specific internal rules.

ECTRI’s first Thematic Group (TWG) was set up in 2004 (Urban Mobility). Following this successful experience, ECTRI pursued this approach to deepen the cooperation between its Members and increase ECTRI’s clout by establishing additional Thematic Groups.

The role of these working groups is:

  • Defining research topics of interest for supporting European policies and programmes
  • Increasing successful participation in European projects
  • Providing a platform for networking and scientific exchanges

At present ECTRI has 6 Thematic Groups in the following areas:

Previous Working Groups


ECTRI Task Forces, are set for taking up specific assignments during a fixed term. They are initiated top-down and expected to deliver specific results. They are currently 3 Task Forces covering the following topics:

Previous task forces