Freight & Logistics

Moderator: Corinne Blanquart (IFSTTAR)

Rapporteurs: Gernot Liedtke (DLR) and Tom Zunder (UNEW)

Composition: 46 experts from 25 institutes

The scope of the Freight and Logistics Thematic Group is: E-freight, Door-to-door freight transport and supply chains, Urban logistics and Terminals.

Publications of Position Papers

Participation in conferences

  • Invited Session TRA 2014 on “How to deal with the variety of stakeholders and scales for freight transport? The interest of a systems approach”, Paris, April 2014
  • CAPOEIRA project final workshop, Oct. 2008 “Research offer: The point of view of public researchers in freight transport”, George Haralampous, HIT


  • Friday, 02.10.2020 (13.00 and 14.00 CET): Alessandra Boggiomarzet, UPM, on “Difference between urban and suburban last mile deliveries
  • Friday, 06.11.2020 (13.00 and 14.00 CET): Corinne Blanquart et Verena Ehrler , Université Gustave Eiffel on ” Mutandis – innovative mobility and transport in peri-urban areas
  • Friday, 04.12.2020 (13.00 and 14.00 CET): Matthias Prandstätter, AIT, on ” White label distribution in cities and for last mile logistics
  • Friday, 08.01.2021 (13.00 and 14.00 CET): Saskia Seidel, DLR, on: “Sustainable distribution concepts for new dwellings

EU funded projects

  • COFRET (2011-2013)