Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


ECTRI is the leading European Research Association for Sustainable and Multimodal Mobility


ECTRI is pushing for green, safe, efficient and inclusive transport for people and goods through actions that Facilitate – Advise – Promote, namely by:

Mission 1: Facilitating the representation and cooperation of its Members,

Mission 2: Providing independent, evidence‐based advice to decision makers in Europe,

Mission 3: Promoting mobility research and enhancing its scientific quality and effectiveness.

Strategic objectives & Values


In order to implement the vision and the mission, six strategic objectives have been defined:

In relation to Mission 1 “Facilitate”:

  • “Offer” added-value services to its Members
  • “Support” participation in R&D projects

In relation to mission 2 “Advise”:

  • “Shape” European programmes and policies
  • “Provide” expert advice

In relation to mission 3 “Promote”:

  • “Engage” in European and International dialogues
  • “Disseminate” research work


The core values of ECTRI are intellectual independence, transparency and scientific excellence.


You can download the complete ECTRI strategy in the link below:

ECTRI Strategy Paper – December 2020