The European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI) is an international non-profit association that was founded in April 2003 by 15 national transport research institutes and universities of 13 European countries, as a non-profit association registered in France and governed by French law. It is the first attempt to unite the forces of the foremost multimodal transport research centres across Europe and to thereby promote the excellence of European transport research.

Today, it includes 29 major transport research institutes or universities from 20 European countries. Together, they account for more than 4,000 European scientific and research staff in the field of transport.

ECTRI as the leading European research association for sustainable and multimodal mobility is committed to provide the scientifically based competence, knowledge and advice to move towards a green, safe, efficient, and inclusive transport for people and goods.

Linked to its establishment in Brussels, ECTRI is operating since January 2011 as an international non-profit association (AISBL) registered in Belgium and governed by Belgian law. The constitutive and authentic Act was approved by Notary deed on September 6th, 2010 and the legal personality given to the Association by Royal Decree approved on November 2nd, 2010.

ECTRI operates under the company number 831 370 370, with VAT BE0831.370.370. Its Head Office is located rue du Trône 98, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. Latest versions of its Statutes (English versionFrench version) were approved by the ECTRI General Assembly on November 15, 2023. The revised purpose and activities were approved by Royal Decree of January 7th, 2024. The Statutes were published in the annexes of the “Moniteur Belge” on February 9th, 2024. All constitutive Acts of the ECTRI Association and their subsequent modifications can be consulted on the following portal

In accordance with the code of conduct of the EU institutions, ECTRI maintains all relevant details on the EU Transparency Register under identification number 54191854341-51.