Moderator: Lila Gaitanidou (CERTH-HIT)

Rapporteurs: Isabela Erdelean (AIT), Javier Paez (UPM), Davide Shingo Usami (CTL)

Composition: 36 experts from 25 Institutes

The scope of the Safety Thematic Group is: safety culture; safe mobility for all; automation and digitization safety implications; evidence-based policy making; transport safety prevention and evaluation data; and safety in intermodal/multimodal hubs and crossings.


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Publication of Position Papers

Participation in European Advisory Group

  • Member of ERTRAC Working Group on Road Transport Safety & Security

Participation in Conferences

  • ITF Pre-Summit Research Day, “Transport Safety & Security”, May 2018, Leipzig, Germany
  • Road Safety on 5 Continents Conference, 2005 (Warsaw), 2007 (Bangkok), 2010 (Abu Dhabi), 2013 (Beijing), 2016 (Rio), 2018 (Seoul)
  • FERSI Conference on “Ageing and Safe Mobility”, November 2014
  • TRA 2014 Conference “Towards an Efficient Roads Safety Public Policy? Insights from Economic Theory (part 1) and Case Studies (part 2), Invited Session
  • ECTRI-FERSI Meeting, February 18, 2009 “The sustainable safety approach to road safety and mobility”, Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI President and Evangelos Bekiaris, FERSI President