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ECTRI's first Thematic Working Group (TWG) set up in 2004 addressed the issue of Urban Mobility (also including passenger intermodality). Following the successful experience with the TWG on Urban Mobility, ECTRI pursues the working group approach to deepen the cooperation between its members and increase ECTRI's clout by establishing additional thematic working groups.

Currently, ECTRI has 6 Thematic Groups:

boutonTG Mobility

boutonTG Freight and Logistics

boutonTG Economics and Policy

boutonTG Safety

boutonTG Security and Risks Analysis

boutonTG Traffic Management

The role of these working group is:

  • To define research topics of interest for influencing EC policies and programmes

  • Increase successful participation in EU projects

  • Provide a platform for networking and scientifics exchanges

You can find the ECTRI Thematic group leaflet here



In the past , ECTRI had 3 process-oriented Working Groups:

boutonMobility and Training: Promotion of human resources and mobility

boutonHard Research Facilities: Establishment of a European transport research facilities agenda

boutonSoft Research Infrastructures: Establishment of a European transport soft infrastructure agenda, notably for libraries, databases and datasets

During the founding phase of ECTRI another Working Group was engaged in developing the communication tools within the association.



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