ECTRI Transport Economics and Policy Webinar #6


Presentation from the webinar: New trends and policy modelling gaps in freight transport: results from the STORM project by Jonathan Köhler and Clemens Brauer Thank you to the presenter, moderator

ECTRI TG Freight and Logistics webinar #10

Presentation from the webinar: Monitoring the environmental impact of TEN-T ports operations - current status and commonly used performance indicators by Orestis Tsolakis (CERTH-HIT) Thank you to the presenter, moderator

ECTRI TG Traffic Management & Modelling Webinar #7


Presentations from the webinar: Jens Hellekes : Flashlight session: How transport research can benefit from remote sensing data Dmitry Pavlyuk : Learning of Spatiotemporal Urban Traffic Flow Relationships Yanumula Venkata-Karteek