AIT Mobility Observation Box rewarded with ERSC Excellence Award

Road safety depends to a large extent on the interaction of road users with each other and with the road infrastructure. The Mobility Observation Box developed by AIT makes it possible to measure the safety of traffic infrastructures according to objective criteria and thus make them comparable. Currently, this AI-based system is used in the European projects AMIGOS and Augmented CCAM, among others.

We’re delighted to share that the Mobility Observation Box, crafted by ECTRI Member AIT, has clinched the coveted Excellence in Road Safety Award from the European Road Safety Charter (#ERSC) in the “Data” category! 🌟🏆 Discover more about the award-winning technology.

AIT was also chosen by the audience at the awards ceremony (Thursday 19 October 2023) to receive the Jacques Barrot Award. This special public choice prize has been awarded every year since 2016 to one of the winners and is dedicated to Jacques Barrot, a former European Commissioner for Transport.