Transforming logistics & reducing emission: ADMIRAL project pilots

The ADMIRAL project is an EU project which seeks to develop and pilot AI-driven solutions for managing logistics supply chains, including related missions to reduce transport and logistics emissions and increase transparency, resilience of logistics supply chains, and stakeholder cooperation.

ADMIRAL pilots overview:
🔹 Lithuania: Digitizing cooperation between logistics network members in road transportation.
🔹 Portugal-Spain: Establishing a digital, greener, and more energy-efficient multimodal port corridor between Sines and Madrid.
🔹 Finland: Enhancing port operations through increased data sharing, digitalization, and AI-based planning.
🔹 Slovenia-Croatia: Integrating isolated postal logistics networks across borders with digital tools.

Check out this short video where pilot partners show their pilots.

This project is coordinated by ECTRI Member VTT, involving also as partners the ECTRI Members LNEC, UPM-TRANSyT, University of Ljubljana, CERTH-HIT and CTL-Sapienza.