30 Days Without a Car: Behavioral change mobility takes time

More than 6,000 people left their own car for a month and used more sustainable means of transport within the framework of 30 days less car, a campaign by the Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit
in collaboration with MOBI VUB of professor Cathy Macharis. 

This makes it the largest voluntary mobility experiment in Flanders. The aim is to investigate to what extent a campaign like “30 Days Without A Car” can change people’s behaviour and mobility routines.

“There are already several short initiatives to promote sustainable mobility” (…) says Cathy Macharis. “But with 30 days less venture, we can monitor the behavioral change of the participants over a longer period of time. Research shows that we need more time to really question and change our habits.”

“This first edition exceeds our expectations,” says Laura Berthoud, campaign coordinator. “In the end, 6,123 people signed up for the experiment. It is obvious that many Belgians want to make an effort to become less dependent on their own car and to travel more sustainably.”

Results will be presented at the Inspiration Day event of the Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit on September 22. 

Next year, the initiators, want to repeat the campaign and roll it out throughout Belgium.

Source: Brussels Times and VUB MOBI