Kick-off meeting of the Task Force Training, Education and Mobility

The first meeting of the ECTRI Task Force on Training, Education and Mobility took place online on July 16, 2021.

The Task Forced chaired by Irina Jackiva (TTI) and supported by Claude Marin-Lamellet (Univ Eiffel) as rapporteur, aims to promote training, education and mobility initiatives among researchers and research managers belonging to ECTRI Members, and to support activities initiated, hosted, or organised in this frame by ECTRI Members.

At the meeting, the moderator and rapporteur presented the Task Force terms of reference and the initial results of the survey on Training, Education and Mobility activities undertaken by the Task Force members. The members were asked to present themselves, the relevant activities they perform in their respective organisations and their expectations for the Task Force activities. These inputs will be gathered to define the action plan for 2021 – 2023.

The outputs of the Task Force will materialise one of the key aspects of the ECTRI Strategy 2021-2030, that is, facilitating training and other collaborative opportunities among Members.