• Grant Agreement no: 101138195
  • Funding Scheme: Horizon Europe - Coordination and support action
  • Starting date: October 1st, 2023
  • Duration: 48 months
  • Budget: € 622 744,01
  • Partners: (3) VTI (Coordinator), ECTRI and VDI/VDE-IT

Support for the organisation of EU-US symposia in the field of Transport Research

Support for the organisation of EU-US symposia in the field of Transport Research The main objective of the SYMPEUS CSA is to strengthen collaboration in transport research between the EU and the US. The project is closely working with the EC in organising four EU-US Transport Research Symposia: in Washington DC (2024, 2026), in Brussels (2025, 2027). The project will support the symposia participation of the European transport community and will work together with DG RTD and DG MOVE for managing these 3-day events in terms of organisation, content development, reporting. At each event, 25 experts from EU and US, respectively, will discuss and elaborate R&I recommendations on a theme agreed between the EC and US DoT. SYMPEUS will involve and collaborate with all relevant European actors – researchers, industry, users, innovation leaders, etc., and consult key transport players including European Technology Platforms in transport and relevant Horizon Europe partnerships.

For each symposium SYMPEUS’s will:

• Define overall planning on the EU side (preparation, execution, dissemination of the symposia)

• Consult with stakeholders to identify EU expert candidates, to be proposed to the EC,

• Manage expert invitations, registrations, travel costs reimbursements,

• Prepare communication material,

• Provide support in drafting of preparatory documents, design of symposia, programme,

• Offer facilitation for the symposium and its break-out sessions.

• Provide support in editing, quality management, dissemination of the conference proceedings reports.

Additionally, for the two symposia to be held in Brussels, SYMPEUS will manage the overall local organisation including selecting and covering costs for venue, catering and logistics.