• Grant Agreement no: 31372
  • Funding Scheme: FP6 Coordination Action
  • Starting date: April 1st, 2006
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Budget: € 400 000,00

European Research Forum for Urban Mobility

The objective of EURFORUM aimed at creating a forum at European level, effectively representing stakeholders of European research on urban mobility, including representatives of local authorities, public transport associations, research bodies, etc. It focussed on a better and more innovative coordination of research serving urban mobility of people and goods.
This forum provides re-commendations for the coordination of European research on urban mobility issues in order to:

  1. help structure the supply side of European research in this field;
  2. pave the way to make Europe a real competitive global player in urban mobility;
  3. reduce the overall cost of urban mobility;
  4. increase the attractiveness of public transport, walking and cycling, while encouraging a more rational use of motorised traffic.

EURFORUM covered all private and public transport modes and focussed both on technology- and policy-oriented research.
The project paid special attention to urban mobility challenges in the New Member States. EURFORUM’s Strategic Research Agenda addressed research issues in the particular field of urban transport considering all transport modes and focusing on intermodality for both passenger and freight transport. The focus was directed on urban issues, including transport within an agglomeration and its surroundings. EURFORUM’s SRA relied on the conviction that holistic and interdisciplinary research is the most adequate approach to solve the problems identified in the area of urban transport.