ECTRI TG Mobility Webinar #2 – A fair right to mobility


We tend to think that mobility is a fundamental right. But is it? How can we achieve the required reduction of transport emissions and avoid (more) inequalities? Presentation from the webinar: Shared Mobility and Platforms: Merits and Challenges for Providers, Regulators and Users by Claus Doll (Fraunhofer) Minimum mobility standards in the light of dire

TRA 2022 Webinar “Advancing European Industry with TRA2022”


The webinar will include speakers from several European Technology Platforms and see discussions focused on innovations in the industry. Particularly important for this first webinar dedicated to the industry perspective is the road transport and logistics role in research and how their leadership can bring innovation agendas and ideas on the EU table. Time event is presented in

ECTRI Transport Economics and Policy Webinar #7


Presentation from the webinar: Changes in cost-benefit analysis assumptions and their impact on net benefits of transport investments by Askill H. Halse & Paal B. Wangsness, Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Norway. Thank you to the presenters, moderator and participants for time and insights. The ECTRI Thematic Groups have been organising webinars since 2019, with

ECTRI TG Freight and Logistics webinar #11

Presentation from the webinar: Transport chain emission calculation and the new ISO 14083  by Verena Ehrler (Uni Eiffel). In order to improve the sustainability of transport chains, a standard approach for their emission calculation is required as basis for meaningful comparissons - between different chains, over time, or over networks. Initiated by ECTRI TG freight

ECTRI Board meeting


Time event is presented in Central European Time (CET).

ECTRI TG Mobility Webinar #3 – Teleworking: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Teleworking: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly The pandemic has brought a dramatic increase in teleworking frequency and digital skills that no planned measure would ever have been able to achieve in this time and dimension. But what are the lasting consequences of this shift? Is it actually possible to significantly reduce carbon emissions

ECTRI Transport Economics and Policy Webinar #8


Presentation from the webinar: Platform based Tool for TG ECOPOL – Transport fOrum for Promoting Open Science (TOPOS) FORUM by Afroditi Anagnostopoulou from CERTH-HIT. The TOPOS FORUM is a platform for networking and scientific exchanges, where users could identify and discuss new challenges, trends and tendencies to contribute to EC policies and European and international