ECTRI TG Mobility webinar #4 “The joy of coordinating”


The joy of coordinating The presentation shed light on the role of champions and coordinators, what makes this role attractive, and how it can be supported. Coordinators (past and present) were invited to share their experiences and hints how to make the life of a champion/coordinator/WP leader/Task leader easier. Seminars are open to the ECTRI Members.

InnoTrans 2022

Berlin, Germany

EPoSS Annual Forum 2022

Turin , Italy

Time event is presented in Central European Time (CET).

ECTRI TG Traffic Management & Modelling Webinar #8


The eighth webinar of the ECTRI TG on Traffic Management & Modelling was held on October 6 2022 from 13:00 to 14:10 CET. Ivan Postigo Modeling Automated driving in microscopic traffic simulation for traffic performance evaluations: Aspects to consider and state of the practice. Six important aspects to consider for modeling automated driving in microscopic

ECTRI TG Freight and Logistics webinar #15


The  webinar of the ECTRI TG on Freight and Logistics webinar was held on October 7 2022 from 13:00 to 14:00 CET. Matthias Hayek (Fraunhofer Austria) Öffi-Packerl (PublicTransport-Package) – concept for a combined passenger and parcel transport in public transport The research project develop a concept for combining passenger and cargo transports by matching parcels