TRB 95th Annual Meeting

Washington D.C., USA – January 10-14, 2016

This Annual Meeting was a special occasion, as ECTRI celebrated 10 years of cooperation with TRB. Two events took place with ECTRI support. The ECTRI-TRB MoU 10 years celebration workshop and ECTRI Workshop on Climate Change Mitigation, presided by Ángel Aparicio (ECTRI/UPM).

Presentations given during the the ECTRI-TRB MoU 10 year celebration workshop are available here: “Ten years of transatlantic cooperation: the ECTRI experience”, by C. Alméras, ECTRI Secretary General and “Expanding the EU-US (transport research) collaboration to other regions of the world (P16-1045)” by Prof. George A. Giannopoulos, Director, Hellenic Institute of Transport / co-chair Int’l Coop Committee & Dr. Jaehak Oh, Vice-President, Korea Transport Institute (KOTI).

The full list of events can be found here.

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