TRB 87th Annual Meeting 

Washington, D.C., USA – January 13-17, 2008

ECTRI participated in the frame of ECTRI-TRB Memorandum of Understanding in different events: the Global Climate Change Workshop, scheduled on Sunday 13th January (from 12.15 to 17.30) at the Hilton Hotel. Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI President, participated as a speaker in the panel 3 entitled “Research and Research Needs”. Jean-Pierre Médevielle, ECTRI former Secretary, is a member of the Workshop Organizing Committee in the dedicated panel 3 working group. ECTRI also participated in Innovative Research Partnerships: Charting New Territory session. This three-part session was organised by the TRB International Committee. Guy Bourgeois as ECTRI President was invited as a speaker in the part 2 of the session, together with Jean-François Corte from PIARC (World Road Association), and Stephen Perkins from OECD/ECMT Joint Transport Research Centre. Professor George Giannopoulos, HIT, moderated this session. Professor Cristina Pronello from POLITO was invited to speak in part 1 as Chairwoman of COST-TUD. A number of ECTRI researchers were also at TRB to present their research results and to participate in the TRB committees they are member of. At last, an ECTRI delegation attended a meeting organised by John O’Neill, Coordinator of AASHTO/FHWA International Program, on Monday 14th January in order to discuss the scanning tour from USA in April that will be hosted by ECTRI.



TRB2008-Innovative-research-partnerships_January-2008-1 by Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI President (pdf)

COST-TUDjanuary2008-1 by Prof. Cristina Pronello, TUD DC Chair (pdf)

TRB2008-Climate-change-session_January-2008 by Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI President (pdf)