TRA 2008 

Ljubljana, Slovenia – April 21-24, 2008

The Transport Research Arena 2008 focused on the topic «Greener, safer and smarter road transport for Europe». The event was organised jointly by the Conference of European Directors of Roads, the European Commission and the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council. The objective of TRA 2008 was to forge new productive partnerships across all transport sectors. ECTRI strongly supported the TRA conference and some ECTRI members participated in the preparation of TRA during 2007: Jean-Pierre Médevielle, INRETS, acted as the Pillar leader responsible for topic VI «Integrated approaches», Josef Mikulik, CDV and ECTRI Vice-President, was Pillar leader responsible for topic III «Safety and Security», both of them were Programme Committee members of this conference as well as José Manuel Menendez from UPM.