Surface Transport Technologies for Sustainable Development

Valencia, Spain – June 4 – 6, 2002

This conference addressed the technological and industrial development challenges facing the rail, road and maritime transport sectors. The event focused on developing a vision for the future and how this could be achieved in the context of European, national and industrial transport and research policies. The exhibition was held in parallel with the conference and ECTRI was present through a booth.

The following presentations were given during the conference.



Integrating-research-from-accession-countries_June-2002-1, by Georges Giannopoulos & Josef Mikulik (pdf)

The-spreading-of-excellence-in-Surface-Transport-Research-Area_June-2002-1, by Jean-Pierre Médevielle (pdf)

The-need-for-interdisciplinary-research-and-multimodal-considerations_June-2002-1, by Hans Jeekel (pdf)