ITF 2010 Summit

Leipzig, Germany – May 26-28, 2010

Many ECTRI Members were present at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig. C. Alméras, ECTRI Secretary General, participated as well as representatives from AIT, BASt, CENIT, DLR, DTU, INRETS, KTI, LET, TOI, TRL, UPM, VTT. Several ECTRI Members namely, AIT, DVS and VTI were among the exhibitors.
AIT presented the ADOSE project while VTI together with other partners presented a few projects and introduced the start of a new governmental authority- The Swedish Transport Administration.

On May 26, Yves Crozet from LET was panelist at the Plenary outline on ‘Innovation in Transport: setting the science’. On that same day, Johannes Reichmuth, DLR was panelist at the session ‘What is the future of Air Transport’.