ITF 2008 Summit

Leipzig, Germany – May 28, 2008

In the frame of ITF 2008 Conference, organised by OCDE, ECTRI participated in workshop three of the Research, Industry and Stakeholders’ Day – Reducing CO2 Emissions in Goods Transport. Barbara Lenz, from DLR, Germany, made a presentation about ECTRI’s contribution of Freight Transport for the Reduction of CO1 Emissions. ECTRI also made a broad promotion of the «Young Researcher Award», which was organised during the Conference, and aimed to recognise the young researchers, who submitted the best papers on the theme of «Transport and Energy: The Challenge of Climate Change».


ITF-Contribution of Freight Transport for the Contribution of Freight Transport for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions by Barbara Lenz, DLR (pdf)