ITF 2018 Summit

The International Transport Forum 2018 Summit took place in Leipzig, Germany, from 23 to 25 May 2018.

The ITF 2018 Summit on “Transport Safety and Security” addressed issues ranging from terrorism and cyber-security to road safety and extreme weather disruption, including the risks and benefits of automated driving.

ECTRI contributed to the programme of the 2018 Summit, by providing inputs to ITF’s priority issues, safety and security in transport, and how to address them during the ITF Stakeholder Consultation Day.

C. Alméras, ECTRI Secretary General voiced ECTRI’s views: “Interdisciplinary research in safety and security is crucial to realise not only today’s vision of safe and secure transport but to meet the increasing needs for mobility of the European society.

 The ITF 2018 Summit participants came from governments, business, international organisations and academia.

Photos of ITF 2018 Summit


2018 ITF Summit highlights (pdf)