ICT 2008 «It’s to the Future – Invention, innovation, impact»

Lyon, France – November 25-27, 2008

ECTRI has been invited to participate to ICT 2008 event. Caroline Alméras, ECTRI Project Officer, was involved in the networking Session «European and international transnational networks for boosting ITS Scientific Knowledge and Innovation», and presented how ECTRI, an institutional network made of research institutes, can boost ITS knowledge and innovation. This session, held on 26 November, gathered representatives of the LUTB cluster and SAFER projects, 2 Networks of Excellence NEARCTIS and HUMANIST and ECTRI as a major Transport Research Organisation. This session was coordinated by ECTRI member INRETS, France. Caroline Alméras, made a presentation during this session: ECTRI, European Transport Research Institutes working together.


ICT2008 - ECTRI, European transport research institutes working together, by Caroline Alméras (pdf)