EURO-TRANS Days Conference

Warsaw, Poland – October 17-18, 2007

ECTRI supported the EUROTRANS Days conference that was held in Warsaw, Poland, on 17-18 October 2007. The strategic objective of EURO-TRANS days is to open encourage, facilitate and enhance cooperation between SMEs and the major European RID players and Industrial Stakeholders of Surface Transport (road, rail, waterborne and intermodality). Claire Plantié-Niclause from INRETS, was invited to present ECTRI during the Plenary session of this conference. Discussions took place concerning ECTRI’s potential support to the next EUROTRANS Days conference to be held in Paris in February 2008.


ECTRI-European-institutes-working-together_October-2007-1-1 by Claire Plantié-Niclause, INRETS (pdf)