CHTS MMM Webinar 5 Re-Imagining Integrated Mobility Management Systems

ECTRI together with the US TRB, ERTICO, and COTA have joined CHTS to co-organise the 5th webinar on “Re-Imagining Integrated Mobility Management Systems”, focusing on new mobility schemes and concepts and how they can better address the needs and demands of today’s societies. This webinar is part of the China Highway Transportation Society CHTS webinar series on the topic of “International Mobility Management” held in collaboration with ECTRI and other International partners.

At the webinar ECTRI Member expert Stefan Seer, Senior Scientist at the AIT, for presenting the “User-aware Mobility Management, an ECTRI Perspective”. Presentation is available below.

Watch the recording:


Brochure MMM 5th Webinar (pdf)

User-aware Mobility Management, an ECTRI Perspective by Stefan Seer (AIT) (pdf)