23rd World Road Congress

Paris, France – September 17-21, 2007

The 23rd World Road Congress was held from 17 to 21 September at the “Palais des Congrès” in Paris, France.

At this occasion, Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI’s President, made a presentation on “ECTRI’s role in the structuration of the transport European Research Area” during session SP17 – Evolution of demand and supply of research and public support to innovation, held on 21 September.

The Congress was great success as more than 40 ministers in charge of road policies participated in the Centennial Congress of the World Road Association.

The work being carried out within PIARC is structured around the following four strategic themes:
– Governance and management of the road system
– Sustainable mobility
– Safety and road operations
– Quality of road infrastructures

There was four types of session lasting seven half-days:
– Strategic direction sessions, focusing on a forward-looking examination of issues in the field of road transport,
– Technical sessions, based on the work of the Technical Committees, national reports prepared by member countries and individual contributions,
– Special sessions, dealing with specific or multi-disciplinary subjects and involving other international associations,
– Poster sessions, at which selected individual contributions were presented.

In addition to the various Congress sessions, workshops took place on the following topics:

– Terminology – Presentation of the results of the work of the PIARC Committee on Terminology and Translation Assistance, in particular the online PIARC multilingual Dictionary of Road Terms in the PIARC website.
– Airfield Pavements
– The World Bank Global Road Safety Facility – 1st Annual Consultative Meeting
– HDM-4
– Impact of emerging vehicle, pavement and monitoring technologies on road vehicle interaction: where will we be in 30 years?




ECTRI-role-in-structuration-PIARC_September-2007-1-1 by Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI President (pdf)