14th Road Safety on 4 Continents Conference

Bangkok, Thailand – November 14-16, 2007

ECTRI supported, as co-partner, the 14th International Conference Road Safety on Four Continents (RS4C). Accordingly, ECTRI has nominated Josef Mikulik from CDV, Czech Republic, for the International Advisory Committee, Hélène Fontaine from INRETS, France and Péter Holló from KTI, Hungary for the Scientific Committee. The main objective of the conference was to explore emerging research and development in the area of road safety. Special emphasis was towards the application of research and involved developing countries and countries in transition both as presenters and as delegates. A principle theme was the pros and cons of applied research done in the ‘north’ to the problems in the ‘south’. The main themes of the conference were: exchange of new findings on road safety, transfer of road safety knowledge, exchange of evaluated good practices, road safety, a working environment problem.
Prof. George Giannopoulos, former ECTRI President, also participated as keynote speaker in the Opening Session of the Conference on the theme “Road Safety in countries with less developed infrastructures“. Moreover, Dr Rune Elvik, from TØI, Dr Evangelos Bekiaris from HIT, Dr Josef Mikulik, from CDV, and Dr Astrid Linder from VTI were Chair(wo)men of some sessions and a great number of ECTRI researchers presented scientific papers and posters.



Countries-with-less-developed-infrastrucryes_November-2005 by George Giannopoulos (pdf)