Education & Mobility

Moderator: Evangelos Bekiaris (CERTH-HIT)

The Task Force on Education, Training & Mobility promotes mobility actions among researchers and research managers belonging to ECTRI Members and beyond (including researchers and research managers from non ECTRI Members to an ECTRI Member), as well as organises and supports educational and training activities initiated, hosted or organised by ECTRI Members.

Its main aims are to foster research and research management interactions and integration between ECTRI Members through mobility of researchers and research managers among them, as well as to enhance the research and management skills and competences of ECTRI Members’ staff of all levels.

The TF cooperates closely with the “Young Researcher’s Seminar” TF of ECTRI; in order to synchronize and integrate YRS within the overall scope of training of ECTRI researchers. The TF also looks at optimizing the links to the SKILLFUL project[1] by exploiting its results and opportunities.

[1] SKILLFUL, is an EU funded project, running from October 2016 till September 2019 which addresses “Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels”. ECTRI and a number of its Members are partners of the project, including the technical coordinator (HIT).