Exploring Innovative Traffic Solutions: Insights from ECTRI TG Traffic Management & Modelling Webinar

On May 16th, the ECTRI Thematic Group on Traffic Management & Modelling hosted an enlightening webinar featuring cutting-edge research and solutions in the field of traffic management.

The webinar included three fascinating presentations:

“Lane-free Signal-free Intersection Crossing via Model Predictive Control” by Mehdi Naderi and Ioannis Papamichail from the Technical University of Crete, showcasing an innovative approach to intersection management.

“Measurements, Analysis, and Simulations of 2+1 Roads” by Johan Olstam and Kinjal Bhattacharyya from VTI, providing valuable insights into the performance and safety of 2+1 road configurations.

“Leveraging the Power of Drones: Analyzing On-Street Parking via Aerial Images and Computer Vision” by Daniel Tordai from KTI, highlighting the potential of drone technology in urban traffic management.

Catch up on the detailed presentations here.

The recording is available exclusively to ECTRI Members.