RelStat-2024: Call for Papers, poster and special sessions

The 24th International Multidisciplinary Conference of Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication (RelStat-2024) will be held on September 25-28, 2024, and hosted by Transport and Telecommunication Institute, TSI, Riga, Latvia.

The key topic of this year’s Conference is: Human Sustainability and Resilience in the Digital Age: Using Tech Innovation and Smart Algorithms”.

RelStat-2024 is planned to be included in the special celebration week devoted to the 25th Anniversary of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI).

The conference will take place in the TSI premises and will commence with the Opening Ceremony and Plenary session in the morning of Thursday, September 26. The conference will end on Friday, 27 September followed by a Social Program Saturday, 28 September. The participants will be invited to the Conference Dinner in the evening on Friday, 27 September.

Key topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sustainable Transportation Systems Powered by AI
  2. Eco-friendly Manufacturing Processes with Robotics and Automation
  3. Modeling and Prediction Using Machine Learning
  4. Sustainable Consumption and Production: Role of Technology
  5. Enhancing Biodiversity through Technology-Enabled Conservation Efforts
  6. Smart Transportation Networks
  7. Smart Algorithms in Predicting and Modelling
  8. Resilient Infrastructure Design Using AI and Machine Learning
  9. Blockchain for Secure and Resilient Data Management
  10. Resilient Supply Chain Management through Advanced Analytics
  11. AI-driven Strategies for Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery
  12. The Role of IoT in Building Resilient Communities
  13. Cybersecurity in an Era of Increasing Digital Dependence
  14. Adaptive Learning Systems for Personalized Education in Crisis Situations
  15. Ethical Considerations in AI for Human Resilience
  16. Leveraging AI for Sustainable Urban Planning
  17. Renewable Energy Technologies and Intelligent Grid Management
  18. AI in Traffic Management for Crisis Situations
  19. Resilient Public Transport Systems: Adapting to Changing Environments
  20. Enhancing Emergency Response with Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  21. IoT and Big Data in Maintaining Transport System Continuity during Crises
  22. Sustainable Urban Mobility: The Role of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
  23. Smart Public Transit Systems for Sustainable Cities
  24. Innovations in Transport for Eco-Friendly Mobility
  25. Integrating IoT into Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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You or your colleagues also may participate in the TSI Erasmus Staff Week 2024: “The Impact of AI on Higher Education: Myths, Challenges, Solutions, Achievements” which will take place at TSI from September 23 – 28, 2024. During International Staff week at TSI you will gain the experience of blended knowledge-sharing, exchange valuable experiences, participate in enriching activities & collaborative discussions, and network within a diverse academic background (see

TSI looks forward to welcoming you to Riga where you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting scientific conference in a rich cultural and historical setting.