ECTRI draws its suggestions to the EC’s Horizon Europe Work Programme 2025

ECTRI warmly welcomes the unprecedented European Commission initiative in launching feedback opportunity for Horizon Europe Work Programme 2025, allowing stakeholders to co-design the R&I upcoming workproprammes.

As stated in our strategy 2021-2030, ECTRI is committed to provide independent, evidence-based advice to decisions makers in Europe. The implementation of such strategy is supported by the ECTRI Thematic Groups (TGs), which are the research workforce of the Association. One of the main objectives of these groups is to define research topics of interest for supporting European policies and programmes. In this context, the five ECTRI TGs are proposing *five research topics* for the Work Programme 2025:

  • Reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency by integrating intermodal long-haul and last-mile transport
  • Reimagining Urban Logistics: Pathways to Sustainable Urban Transformations
  • Enhanced policy assessment frameworks and AI-based analytics to support sustainable transport transitions
  • Behavioural change towards healthier, safer and more sustainable mobility and lifestyles
  • Mobility Sufficiency and Resilience

These suggestions stem from our belief that gaining knowledge in these areas will contribute significantly to achieving green, safe, efficient, and inclusive transport for people and goods. Each proposed research topic outlines its expected impacts and scope, highlighting their importance for inclusion in Horizon Europe’s upcoming calls, particularly in Cluster 5 “Climate, Energy, and Mobility”. Read our suggestions for the Work Programme 2025.

Contributions to the EC feedback opportunity have been derived from these suggestions. In that view we have provided feedback on Cluster 5, Destinations 2, 5, and 6 which align closely with our mission and expertise.

We hope that these contributions as well as the elements of the five suggested topics will help to enrich the 2025 workprogramme content.

For full details of our responses to the EC feedback consultation, please visit the following links:

Our response to this consultation reflects our dedication to advancing cutting-edge solutions and fostering sustainable mobility for all.