New ETRR journal articles from ECTRI Members

📑 Criticality dimension-based probabilistic framework to detect near crashes in a roundabout by Juan Trullos, Meng Zhang, Marek Junghans and Kay Gimm, from DLR

📑 The role of life course and gender in mobility patterns: a spatiotemporal sequence analysis in Barcelona by Lídia Montero, Lucía Mejía-Dorantes and Jaume Barceló, from CENIT

📑 Speed control with low complexity for multiple autonomous vehicles in roundabouts by Zsófia Farkas, Balázs Németh, András Mihály and Péter Gáspár, from BME

📑 How to improve public transport usage in a medium-sized city: key factors for a successful bus system by Shireen Al Suleiman, Adriana Cortez, Andrés Monzón and Antonio Lara from UPM

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