European Transport Conference 2024: Call for Papers announced

After two successful years at the Politecnico di Milano Bovisa Campus the ETC conference is moving to the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

AET is now inviting abstract Submissions for the 2024 European Transport Conference.

What are the themes for ETC 2024?

Human Wellbeing – healthy, efficient, safe and inclusive transport schemes for current and future generations

Sustainable Travel – shaping daily travel and long-distance trips in the face of climate change and energy transition

Mode-specific and inter-modal aspects – local bus, tram and train, taxis, micro-mobility and active travel, private car with long-distance rail and bus, Mobility as a Service, integrated logistics, last-mile delivery and Enterprise Resource Planning

Labour, resource and energy challenges – supply constraints in freight and passenger transport

Regulatory issues – impacts of international, national and local legislation and regulations on infrastructure and services

Funding and financial sustainability – private finance alongside public funding in collaborative delivery

Cities and transport – integrated planning, active travel, liveable cities

Transport planning analysis and models – the methods and the tools for this century

Air travel and airports – moving towards a more environmentally sustainable and commercially viable future

Technology and Artificial Intelligence – how can and will these shape transport in the future

Submission of abstracts period: 11 December 2023 – 9 February 2024

More information:

In the frame of the ECTRI-AET MoU, ECTRI officially supports ETC – the European Transport Conference.