Improving citizens’ quality of life and societal transitions: Highlights of the 49th European transport conference

With the publication of the Editorial, we are glad to announce the conclusion of the Topical Collection from the 49th European Transport Conference (ETC) in the ETRR journal. This Topical Collection showcases a selection of groundbreaking papers presented at ETC 2021 organized on-line by the Association for European Transport (AET).

The collection gathers eight articles (four of which from ECTRI Members) and dives into the immediate and lasting impacts of COVID-19 on the transport sector, while also addressing transport research on its core goals, such as improving citizens’ quality of life and supporting societal transitions through the provision of environmentally friendly and resilient mobility options.

📖 Read and download the articles

Credit to the guest editors António Lobo & Pierluigi Coppola for curating a diverse range of articles, contributing to the forefront of issues and transitions in the transport sector.

In the frame of the ECTRI-AET MoU, ECTRI officially supports ETC – the European Transport Conference.

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