Join the WE TRANSFORM Stakeholder Forum Workshop in Turin

The EU H2020 project WE-TRANSFORM aims at creating an action-oriented policy agenda to prepare for the automation transition and the related transformation of the workforce in the transport sector. To do so, WE-TRANSFORM has established an effective dialogue with all parties involved, including workers and employers across all transport modes, and leverage stakeholders’ knowledge and experiences in order to co-create the policy agenda.

The project is in its final phase: the formulation of an action-oriented policy agenda defining the specific policies related to the main themes defined as key to minimise the impacts of transport digitalisation and automation on the workers.

The 6th Stakeholder Forum workshop will take place on September 27 and 28 in Turin (Italy). The event will both inform on the project progress to date and include the discussion of policies related to: (1) public regulation and contractual bargaining; (2) industrial governance; (3) training and reskilling; and (4) minimisation of labour exclusion and exploitation.

This workshop is targeted at public authorities and policy makers, workforce organisations, trade unions and workers, and transport operators, across all transport modes. We are also inviting representatives from other sectors forerunners in the digital transition, such as banking or tourism, to join the discussion. Trade unionists, legislators (MEPs and MPs, councillors), labour lawyers, European law experts, labour economists, organisational managers/officials, strategy managers, HR managers, occupational psychologists, digitalisation technicians, training companies, workers, professional associations are welcome to participate.

Register here for the workshop. You may check here the latest updates on the workshop programme.