ECTRI reply to the revision of the EIB’s Transport Lending Policy

The current Transport Lending Policy (TLP) was approved by the European Investment Bank (EIB) in 2011, following a public consultation and the adoption of the European Commission’s White Paper on transport earlier that same year. Following recent policy developments and major changes in the Bank’s external policy environment and own strategic orientation, the EIB TLP is now being reviewed.

The revised TLP will focus on setting the priorities for the EIB’s support to the transport sector, within the eligibilities approved as part of the EIB Group Climate Bank Roadmap. Through the revised Policy and as a green and technological revolution sweeps across the transport sector, the EIB stands ready to support the green transition towards a new transport system, one that is both green and efficient, but also accessible and safe – a truly sustainable transport system.

As in 2011, ECTRI contributed to the public consultation on EIB future Transport Lending Policy, by participating to online workshops and replying to the consultation document “The Way Forward – Investing in a cleaner and smarter transport system”. This contribution, submitted in October 2021, was led by ECTRI Thematic Group on Economics & Policy with support of the other relevant Thematic Groups and the ECTRI Task Force on EU Policy.

At the base of the solutions to the multitude of key issues at stake, ECTRI believes that integrated and collaborative transport planning and multimodal research projects (including the co-creation/ co-development/ co-deployment of solutions) should be encouraged for enhancing positive impacts on sustainability and quality of life.

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