Do you trust automated cars? If not, you’re not alone

The Horizon Europe magazine has published an article looking at peoples’ trust and acceptance of automated cars. Two European projects, BRAVE and TRUSTONOMY, both involving ECTRI Members, have greatly contributed to the current findings.

Trustonomy project have looked at how companies can improve the technology of automated vehicles and thus people’s trust. ECTRI Members ITS and Univ Eiffel are partners in the consortium.

BRAVe project focused on people’s views of automated cars from the perspective of people walking on the street, cyclists, and e-scooter users, as well as drivers of non-automated cars. ECTRI Members VTI and FhG are partners in the consortium.

Trust in automated vehicles will be one of the topics on the agenda at the third European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving, which will take place virtually from 20-22 April 2021.

 Photo: Ian Maddox licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0