ECTRI TG Freight & Logistics’ Webinars

The topic of urban and peri-urban freight transport is of growing relevance which call for sharing and advancing knowledge on the area within the research community.

After summer the ECTRI Thematic Group on Freight & Logistics, will showcase recent and ongoing research activity from the ECTRI Members on this topic.

📅 02.10.2020: Alessandra Boggiomarzet, UPM, on “Difference between urban and suburban last mile deliveries”

📅 06.11.2020: Corinne Blanquart et Verena Ehrler, Université Gustave Eiffel on ”Mutandis – innovative mobility and transport in peri-urban areas”

📅 04.12.2020: Matthias Prandstätter, AIT, on ”White label distribution in cities and for last mile logistics“

📅 08.01.2021: Saskia Seidel, DLR, on “Sustainable distribution concepts for new dwellings”

Seminars are open to any ECTRI Member. Contact the Secretariat if you are interested: