TRB 91st Annual Meeting

In the frame of the ECTRI-TRB MoU, ECTRI has actively contributed by organising and participating in a number of sessions to the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 91st Annual Meeting organized in Washington, D.C., USA on January 22-26, 2012. ECTRI organized a number of sessions and gave a European flavour to the Annual Meeting. With the event, Christian Piehler, ECTRI President, Prof. George Giannopoulos, ECTRI‐TRB MoU Moderator, and Caroline Alméras, ECTRI Secretary General, highlighted sessions where a number of ECTRI members participated. The EUTRAIN project was one of the important element of ECTRI’s activity during TRB where the launching of NRE event took place.