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During the seminars, young researchers from institutes that are members of the supporting organizations present the results of their research in presence of senior researchers. The senior researchers acting as tutors, make recommendations for their future presentations.

At the end of the seminar, the three best presentations (written and oral) are rewarded by the Steering Committee, composed of two senior figures from each supporting organisation.

As of today, eight Young Researchers Seminars have been organised in 2003-Lyon, France; 2005-The Hague, The Netherlands; 2007-Brno, Czech Republic; 2009-Torino, Italy; 2011-Copenhagen, Denmark; 2013-Lyon, France, 2015-Rome, Italy and 2017-Berlin, Germany.

More information and the proceedings can be found on the Young Researchers Seminars websites :

YRS 2003 - YRS 2005 - YRS 2007 - YRS 2009 - YRS 2011 - YRS 2013 - YRS 2015 - YRS 2017 - YRS 2019



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