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ECTRI participation in European and International conferences:

You will find for each year, the conferences where ECTRI was or will be present with booths, sponsoring or presentations:

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Conferences/events organised or sponsored by ECTRI or ECTRI members:

ECTRI advertises details of the conferences, organised or supported by ECTRI or ECTRI members, that are relevant to the transport research community.


TRB 96th Annual Meeting Washington, D. C. USA – January 8–12, 2017

This year the spotlight theme was “Transportation Innovation: Leading the Way in an Era of Rapid Change”. As in previous years, ECTRI has contributed to the Conference by supporting a number of sessions and giving a European flavour to the Annual Meeting. Check here to see the detailed list of events.
Prof. Mark Robinson, ECTRI President, Prof. Ángel Aparicio, ECTRI-TRB MoU leader, and Caroline Alméras, ECTRI Secretary-General, thank the ECTRI members that participated to the ECTRI-TRB Sub-committee meeting on January 9th, which clarified the list of upcoming actions. This year, ECTRI and TRB, renewed their 10 years’ partnership by signing on January 12th, 2017 a new Memorandum of Understanding with the objective to foster and facilitate greater synergies for information-sharing and cooperation between the two organisations.


TEA COST Action Training School on: A real-life lab about TEA implementation & Final Conference and Prize, Barcelona, Spain – March 7-9, 2017

C. Alméras was invited to present “The Origin of TEA Cost Action: An ECTRI story”. The conference is organised by ECTRI Member CENIT and COST and hosted by AMB. It was preceded by the 2nd edition of the Training School on: Bridging Transport Equity: A real-life lab. Click here for the full programme.


5th International Conference on Driver Distraction and InattentionParis, France – March 20-22, 2017

The conference was supported by ECTRI Member IFSTTAR.


7th International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and AnalysisLille, France – April 4-7, 2017

The conference was supported by ECTRI Member IFSTTAR.


FIRM17Brussels, Belgium – April 5-7, 2017

Invited by FEHRL, SKILLFUL organised the workshop on “Future trends in transport systems and their job impact assessment”. The session was chaired by ECTRI Board member and SKILLFUL technical coordinator Evangelos Bekiaris (CERTH/HIT). SETRIS was also present, represented by Mark Robinson, ECTRI President and UNEW SETRIS coordinator presenting “SETRIS – To deliver a cohesive and coordinated approach to research and innovation strategies for all transport modes in Europe”.


ADAS&ME project Use Cases Workshop, Brussels, Belgium – April 6, 2017

This project is coordinated by ECTRI Member VTI, involving also ECTRI Members HIT, DLR, IFSTTAR, TRL and FRAUNHOFER. ECTRI supports ADAS&ME project.


Mobility4EU and MIND-SETS projects public event “Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations”, Brussels, Belgium – May 22-23, 2017

Invited by the Mobility4EU and MIND-SETS project, SETRIS and SKILLFUL projects took part in the discussions on future transport and mobility needs and solutions in Europe.


24th International Symposium EURO – Zel 2017 “Recent Challenges for European Railways”Žilina, Slovak Republic – May 30-31, 2017

The conference was organised by ECTRI Member UNIZA.


14th NECTAR International Conference: Transport in a networked societyMadrid, Spain – May 31-June 2, 2017

The conference was organised by ECTRI Member UPM.


ITF 2017 Summit “Governance of Transport” Leipzig, Germany – May 31-June 2, 2017

ECTRI was represented by the President M. Robinson and the Secretary General C. Alméras. Several ECTRI Members also attended the Summit. As one of ITF’s knowledge partners, ECTRI was respresented at the Decarbonising Transport project session (May 31) and on the side event on “Governing the smart mobility transition” organised by WCTRS (June 1), where ECTRI President was one of the speakers.


12th ITS European Congress 2017Strasbourg, France – June 19-22, 2017


ALLIANCE Summer School “Sustainable Transport Interchanges Program (STIP) – Part I: Freight Transportation” 16-22 July, 2017Riga, Latvia – July 16-22, 2017

The summer school is organised by ECTRI Members TTI and FRAUNHOFER


Brazil Workshop: How do the railways contribute to improving quality of life?, Joinville, Brazil – July 31-August 4, 2017

The workshop is organised by ECTRI Member UNEW


Thredbo 15 – International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger TransportStockholm, Sweden – August 13-17, 2017

The conference is organised by ECTRI Member VTI


20th EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting, Budapest, Hungary – September 4-6, 2017

The conference is organised by ECTRI Member BME


8th International Congress on Transportation Research ‘The Future of Transportation: A vision for 2030’Thessaloniki, Greece – September 28-29, 2017

The conference is co-organised by ECTRI Member HIT


45th European Transport ConferenceBarcelona, Spain – October 4-6, 2017

The conference is supported by ECTRI Member CENIT and ECTRI


17th International Multi-Conference “Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication” (RelStat-2017)Latvia, Riga – October 18-21, 2017

The conference is organised by ECTRI Member TTI


1st SKILLFUL project ConferenceBrussels, Belgium – October 20, 2017

ECTRI and ECTRI Members HIT, UNEW, VTT, IFSTTAR, POLITO, UNIZA and VGTU are involved as partners.


Symposium “Transforming Freight Movement through ITS, Montreal, Canada - October 31, 2017

ITS World Congress 2017 (October 29 - November 2) side event, co-organised by Bernard Jacob (ECTRI Member IFSTTAR, France) and Peter Sweatman (CAVita, USA)


Intelligent Transport Systems – From research and development to the market uptakeCo-located with SmartCity 360 summit (November 29 – December 1), Helsinki, Finland – November 29–30, 2017

The conference is organised by ECTRI Member UNIZA



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