About ECTRI - Vision & Mission

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ECTRI is the leading European research association for sustainable and multimodal mobility.

ECTRI is pushing for green, safe, efficient and inclusive transport for people and goods by:

Bouton Promoting transport research and enhancing its scientific quality and effectiveness

BoutonProviding independent, evidence‐based advice to decision makers in Europe

BoutonIncorporating and representing the foremost European transport research institutes and Universities

The core values of ECTRI are intellectual independence, transparency and scientific excellence

Strategic objectives
In order to implement the vision and the mission, six strategic objectives have been defined:

1. Shaping the future European Research Area (ERA)
2. Exploiting joint research capabilities and infrastructures
3. Promoting participation in R&D projects
4. Servicing its members through information, exchange and representation
5. Fostering education and training for the next generation of researchers and research managers
6. Disseminating research results through the European Transport Research Review (ETRR), conferences, publications, website

ECTRI has published a Strategic Paper defining more in detail its objectives

The ECTRI leaflet can be consulted here





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