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ECTRI Members are "focus research"-oriented organisations and some of them deal with cutting-edge research issues. They are involved in Regional, National, European and International Programmes.

ECTRI includes 28 institutes (or universities) from 21 different countries (see map below).

All current ECTRI Members fulfill the following characteristics:

Bouton Any research establishment or entity with head offices in Europe and full legal personality as established in the respective European country

Bouton Such establishment or entity :

- is tasked with activities of public interest in the field of transport research
- conducts considerable research activities in transport, and in particular in multimodal issues, and is well recognized in its field

In addition, they have to:

BoutonSupport the vision, mission and objectives of the association, as set on the strategy paper

BoutonCommit to the ECTRI statutes and internal regulations

BoutonAccept the fee structure (based and adapted on member size and country; details can be obtained from the Secretariat),

BoutonActively participate in the activities of the association including in-kind contributions pertinent to means and capacity to further the goals of ECTRI

Interested in becoming a member ?

Please download the key information and conditions where you will find information on the criteria for membership, benefits and duties, membership selection procedure and annual fee structure.

Application procedure

If you feel that your organisation fulfils the membership criteria, then complete the application form and send it back together with an accompanying letter to the ECTRI office via post or email.

ECTRI Office:

Rue du Trône 98
B-1050 Brussels, BELGIUM

Tel: +32 2 500 56 87 (or 88)




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