Strategic Documents

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ECTRI has published strategic papers defining its vision and missions in more details. The strategic paper issued in November 2011 keeps the continuity of ECTRI's core business and reflects the developments in Europe. It updates and clarifies the first ones, which were released at ECTRI's creation in 2003 and 2008.

ECTRI's Strategy Paper - November 2011 (124 Ko)

ECTRI's Strategy Paper - September 2008 (214 ko)

ECTRI's Strategy Paper - English version - October 2003 (303 ko)

ECTRI's Strategy Paper - French version - October 2003 (408 ko)


Other strategic publications:

ETRA 'Statement of purpose and vision' - January 2013 (240 Ko)

ETRA '4-Year Activity Plan 2013-2016' - January 2013 (340 Ko)

'Creating a European Transport Research Alliance (ETRA), towards MERITE, Main European Research Initiative in surface Transport': preliminary thoughts towards FP8, CIP2 and the joint programming, it also sets the scene vision and scenario, lists gaps and recommendations for the surface transport ERA and for the thematic issues at macro level. This is the first report of the FP8 Task Force composed of the Lyon Declaration signatories - Novembre 2009 (730 Ko)

The Brno Declaration: a common position on Mobility research. Document signed by ECTRI, EURNEX, FEHRL, FERSI, HUMANIST in May 2009, in Brno, Czech Republic.

Lyon Declaration - signed by ECTRI-FEHRL-FERSI-EURNEX-HUMANIST-ISN-NEARCTIS - December 2008 (1,43 Mo)



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