Young researchers seminar 2011

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All the papers presented at the Young Researchers Seminar 2011 are available in the YRS11 Book of Papers.


Parallel session 1: Transport Safety
Chaired by Carlo Giacomo Prato, DTU, Denmark

Presentation: Effect of think water film on tire/road friction
Yannick Beautru, Ifsttar, France

Presentation: Very severely injured: In-depth investigation of road accident characteristics and medical consequences in Germany
Eike Schmidt, BASt, Germany

Presentation: Effect of tire tread depth on accident involvement during summer in Finland
Riika Rajamäki, VTT, Finland

Parallel session 2: Transport Economics, Policy and Behaviour
Chaired by Toon van der Horrn, DVS, The Netherlands

Presentation: Elasticity of long distance travelling
Mette Aagaard Knudsen, DTU, Denmark

Presentation: Evaluation of policy packages: Lessons learned from Bergen
Petter Christiansen, TØI, Norway

Presentation: Economic costs of road traffic accidents in Germany
Thomas Kranz, BASt, Germany

Parallel session 3: Transport Safety
Chaired by Witold Olpinski, IK, Poland - See cross-cutting session presentation

Presentation: Measures for improving road safety on rural roads in Germany
Thomas Jährig, BASt, Germany

Presentation: Road risk as a presidential priority: a public action for safety and political instrument
Hugues Cunegatti, Ifsttar, France

Presentation: Evaluation of the safety-based incentives in public private partnerships (PPPs)
Thais Rangel, UPM, Spain

Parallel session 4: Transport Economics, Policy and behaviour
Chaired by Marjan Hagenzieker, SWOV, The Netherlands

Presentation: Geographical location of depopulation areas in Cezch Republic and its dependence on transport infrastructure
Emil Drápela, CDV, Cezch Republic

Presentation: Determinants of capacity utilization in road freight transport
Mergersa Abate, DTU, Denmark

Parallel session 5: Intelligent Transport Systems & Traffic
Chaired by Yannis Tyrinopoulos, CERTH-HIT, Greece - See cross-cutting session presentation

Presentation: Emergency vehicle prioritization using vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
Laura Bieker, DLR, Germany

Presentation: Reliability of in-vehicle warning system for railway level crossings
Risto Öörni, VTT, Finland

Parallel session 6: Transport Economics, Policy and Behaviour
Chaired by Marjan Hagenzieker, SWOV, The Netherlands

Presentation: Competitive tendering in an entry regulated market - an accident waiting to happen?
Jørgen Aarhaug, TØI, Norway

Presentation: Improving the analysis of a toll ring scheme implementation by a travel demand management model
Yang Wang, UPM, Spain

Parallel session 7: Transport Safety
Chaired by Eftihia Nathanail, CERTH-HIT, Greece

Presentation: Quantifying driver distraction - the case study of Thessaloniki's ring road
Katerina Chrysostomou, Certh-HIT, Greece

Presentation: Recognising transitions between rural road categories: the role of road layout and intersection type
Agnieszka Stelling, SWOV, The Netherlands

Presentation: The development of roadside safety criteria for portugese roads
Carlos Almeida Roque, LNEC, Portugal

Parallel sesssion 8: Transport, Civil and Road Engineering
Chaired by Oliver Ripke, BASt, Germany - See cross-cutting session presentation

Presentation: A better approach to predict subsidence due to ground water leakage into tunnels
Vikas Thakur, NPRA, Norway

Presentation: Evolution of pavement friction due to polishing: discerning the effects of trucks and light vehicles on polishing via laboratory tests
Dan Zhao, Ifsttar, France

Presentation: Integral consideration of the lightweight design for railway vehicles
Jens Koenig, DLR, Germany


Parallel session 9: Transport sustainability and environment
Chaired by Rocio Cascajo, UPM, Spain

Presentation: Bringing transparency to environmental impacts of transport - LIPASTO transport emission database
Heidi Auvinen, VTT, Finland

Presentation: Monitoring of the landslides on the Pan-European corridor X in the purpose of environmental protection
Zoran Berisavljevic, The Highway Institute, Serbia

Presentation: Oil spill risk analysis of routeing heavy ship traffic in Norwegian waters
Juned Akhtar, TØI, Norway

Presentation: Photocatalytic roads, from lab tests to real scale applications
Elia Boonen, BRRC, Belgium

Parallel session 10: Transport, civil and road engineering
Chaired by Bernard Jacob, Ifsttar, France

Presentation: Bridge rehabilitation
Dejan Cerovac, The Highway Institute, Serbia

Presentation: The relationship between road design and driving behaviour: a simulator study
Liva Abele, DTU, Denmark

Presentation: Relationship between road width and safety
Jiri Ambros, CDV, Czech Republic

Presentation: Weigh-in motion on German motorways
Stefan Tezner, BASt, Germany

Parallel session 11: Transport Safety
Chaired by Andrew Parkes, TRL, United-Kingdom - See cross-cutting session presentation

Presentation: Older drivers' self-regulation in traffic
Annette Meng, DTU, Denmark

Presentation: Quantifying the influence of social characteristics on accident and injuries risk: a comparative study between motorcyclists and car drivers
Allan Lyckegaard, DTU, Denmark

Parallel session 12: Transport, Civil and Road Engineering
Chaired by Anne Beeldens, BRRC, Belgium - See cross-cutting session presentation

Presentation: Sustainable maintenance of rural roads in Slovakia
Lubomir Pepucha, University of Zilina, Slovakia

Presentation: Early increase of noise from newly laid road surfaces
Jens Oddershede, DRI, Denmark

Parallel session 13: Intelligent Transport Systems & Traffic
Chaired by Satu Susanna Innamaa, VTT, Finland - See cross-cutting session presentation

Presentation: The impact of traffic management operations on motorway congestion. A level of service based evaluation method
Judith Princeton, Ifsttar, France

Presentation: External factors affecting motorway capacity
Ben Morris, TRL, United-Kingdom

Presentation: Evaluation of « Improving Traffic Flow on the A10 Amsterdam »
Suerd Polderikj, DVS, The Netherlands

Parallel session 14: Transport Sustainability and Environment
Chaired by Anu Helena Tuominen - See cross-cutting session presentation

Presentation: Cars longevity: a biometric approach
Zéhir Kolli, Ifsttar, France

Presentation: Impact of the penetration rate of ecodriving on fuel consumption and traffic congestion
Olivier Orfila, Ifsttar, France

Presentation: Driving in the future: what influences the young males and female drivers intentions?
Sigrun Birna Sigurdardottir, DTU, Denmark

Parallel session 15: Intelligent Transport Systems & Traffic
Chaired by Pekka Leviäkangas

Presentation: Methods for assessing the pedestrian level of service: international experience and adjustement to the Greek walking environment - the case of Thessaloniki
Lefteris Sdoukopoulos, CERTH-HIT, Greece

Presentation: Perception, change detection and utilisation of roads using dynamic information: a theoritical review
Ilse Harms, DVS, The Netherlands

Presentation: Optimization of key design elements of 2+1 routes
Marco Irzik, BASt