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ECTRI regularly publishes Position Papers, Strategic Research Agendas and answers to European Commission consultations. The last documents published are:


ERA and research policy

ECTRI reply to the ERA Framework Public Consultation: Areas of untapped potential for the development of the European Research Area (ERA) questionnaire - November 2011 (278 Ko)

ECTRI answer to the EC Green Paper Consultation: “From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework - May 2011 (193 Ko)

Answer to the European Commission Consultation on the Green Paper on the European Research Area (ERA) - August 2007 (138 kB)


Transport policy

ECTRI Input to “Public Consultation on the evaluation of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive”, July 2017

ECTRI answer to the EC Public Consulatation on the European C-ITS Initiative, September 2016

ECTRI Input on MMTIS – ITS Directive, November 2015

ECTRI INPUT Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) survey “Selection and prioritisation of topics and organisation of the Forum into working groups” September 2015

ECTRI input to the International Transport Forum 2014 Annual Summit 'Transport for a changing world', February 2014 (178 Ko)

ECTRI reply to the EC Consultation on 'Effective reduction of noise generated by rail freight wagons in the European Union', October 2013 (70Ko). This input has been possible thanks to the work of the ECTRI TG Freight and Logistics with ECTRI Member Newcastle and VTI.

ECTRI inputs to the 'EC Stakeholders meeting on vehicle technologies to enhance road safety' - March 2013 (160 Ko)

ECTRI input to the International Transport Forum 2012 Annual Summit 'Seamless Transport, making connections', March 2012 (170 Ko)

ECTRI released its position on the EC White Paper “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area– Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system” - July 2011 (220 Ko)

In relation to the emerging discussion on the future of the transport lending policy, ECTRI has released its contribution to the European Investment Bank public consultation “Towards a Refined Policy for EIB Lending to the Transport Sector”. This ECTRI contribution has been possible thanks to the work and inputs provided by the ECTRI TWG Economics and Policy- June 2011 (234 Ko)

ECTRI contribution to “Strategic Transport Technology Plan” - March 2011 (240 Ko)

ECTRI position on the EC Communication on "The Future of Transport" - September 2009 (54 Ko)

ECTRI position on the European Commission's Green Paper "Towards a new urban mobility culture " - March 2008 (425 Ko)

ECTRI position on the European Commission's Green Paper on Urban Transport - April 2007 (146 kB)

ECTRI position regarding the public consultation on the Green paper on a future maritime policy - March 2007 (67,7 kB)

ECTRI answer on "Road infrastructure safety management on the trans-european networks" - May 2006 (26 kB)

ECTRI answer on "Public consultation on logistics for promoting Freight intermodality" - March 2006 (49 kB)

ECTRI's comments on White Paper mid-term review - December 2005 (39 kB)


Strategic Research Agendas - SRA

ECTRI provided its comments to the ERTRAC Strategic Research Agenda. This paper compiles inputs made by some ECTRI TWGs - August 2010 (31 Ko)

ECTRI released a common paper with FERSI on "The sustainable safety approach to road transport and mobility" - January 2009 (200 Ko)

EURFORUM Strategic Research Agenda - 2006 (1,2 Mo)

URban MObility InitiatiVE - URBAMOVE - May 2005 (208 kB)



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