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The following documents have been issued in the frame of ECTRI activities:

EUTRAIN project

Final recommendation report - November 2013 (868Ko)

Report “Current transport research governance, funding and prioritization issues in various countries - Country reports” - March 2013 (8 Mo)

Deliverable 2.1 “Current Practices, Characteristics and Issues in Research Collaboration” - December 2012 (6 Mo)

DETRA project

Report “Transport research infrastructure roadmap” - September 2012 (7.3 Mo)

DETRA Final Report - September 2012 (11.5 Mo)

Deliverable 1.2 “People and Ideas agenda” - January 2012 (1.6 Mo)

Deliverable 1.1 “Mobility web portal for European Transport research - August 2011 (960 Ko)


In the frame of ECTRI Memorandum of Understanding with the US Transportation Research Board, the Working Group 10 released its final report "EU/US Transport Research Collaboration: Challenges and opportunities" - February 2009 (885,98 Ko). A French version is also available: "Collaboration Union Européenne – États-Unis d’Amérique dans le domaine de la recherche en transports".

ECTRI research infrastructures, Survey results - May 2002 (381 kB)


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