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The European Transport Research Review–An Open Access Journal (ETRR) is an online scientific platform aiming at disseminating research results in the field of transport. The main scope and mission of the Journal is to provide a forum for the publication of high quality scientific papers in the field of transport in general, and a dissemination medium for new ideas and developments that originate in, or are of interest to, the European transport research community. 

There are three aspects of the Journal’s concept that mark a distinct difference to the other journals in the field of transport; first, it is the open access configuration that makes it easily and widely available through the internet with a minimum of constraints and costs; second, it provides focus on issues of special interest to European transport research, its funding bodies and supervising organisations; third, it is clearly oriented towards researchers and practitioners as well.
The Journal considers primarily research papers in English, on both theorical as well as applied research, whose excellence and content represent an important contribution to transport research in Europe.

For the first issue of the journal, the Call for papers was opened until 19 September 2008. Authors were notified of acceptance or rejection by 31 October 2008 and final versions of accepted papers were submitted by 14 November 2008.
The first papers were online in January/March 2009. After this first issue, the journal has adopted a permanent submission system. In July 2009, the second issue was published, including a preface by EU-Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potocnik. End of 2013, 20 ETRR publications were issued, which represents a total of 128 articles in 5 volumes.

ECTRI and Springer have agreed that Article Processing Charges (APC) applies to the European Transport Research Review (ETRR) from January 1st, 2015. The current rate is EUR 1050.

Proposals should be submitted through the “Online Submission System”, which is accessible here.

The ETRR leaflet can be downloaded here (860 KB), and the Springer ETRR leaflet here.

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For more information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Anthony D. May (A.D.May@its.leeds.ac.uk).

Prof. Anthony D. May was appointed Editor-in-Chief as from January 1, 2014; he is supported in his tasks by Paulina Potemski, (Ifsttar, France) and Ulrike Ritzinger (AIT, Austria).

The journal website is available online at http://www.springer.com/12544

Members of the Advisory Board:

Chairs: Dr. Maria Boilé (HIT, Greece) and Dominique Mignot (Ifsttar, France)

The mission statement of the ETRR is available as well as the list of the ETRR Advisory Board members and the list of current ETRR Editorial Board members.






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