Thanks to the activities of the TWG Urban Mobility, an article about Urban Mobility research has been published on in June, mentioning ECTRI and its role in the elaboration of the Green Paper “Towards a new culture for urban mobility”. On July 1st, Claire Plantié-Niclause, moderator of the Urban Mobility TWG, also participated, on behalf of the group, to the first meeting of the common task force on urban mobility, which is a follow-up of the EURFORUM project. This Task Force led by POLIS and endorsed by ERTRAC, involves the main stakeholders of EURFORUM. Based on current input on urban mobility research including the ERTRAC SRA and Research Framework, the input for RTD calls, the ERRAC SRA, input for RTD calls and the EURFORUM SRA, the group will work on scenarios and priorities for the future of research on urban mobility.