Thematic Working Group
Transport Economics & Policy

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This page has been archived. Please refer to the Thematic Groups page for up to date activities' content.


The subject of this Thematic Working Group is Transport Economics & Policy.

The TWG is currently composed of 45 experts from 24 institutes, as following:

BASt: Thomas Kranz & Karl- Josef Höhnsche
CDV: Zdenek Hrebicek
CENIT: Sergi Sauri & Francesc Robusté
DLR: Barbara Lenz & Mirko Goletz
DTU: Ninette Pilegaard
DVS: Francis Cheung & Jorn de Vries
FHG: Claus Doll
HIT: Evangelos Mitsakis, Eliza Gagatsi & Anestis Papanikolaou
IFSTTAR: Ariane Dupont-Kieffer, Akli Berri, Odile Heddebaut, Pascal Gastineau & Laurent Carnis
ITS/IK: Wojciech Gis & Jerzy Waskiewicz
KTI: Agnes Orsolaya Kiss
LET: Bruno Faivre d’Arcier & Cristina Pronello
LNEC: Elisabete Arsénio (rapporteur)
POLITO: Valentina Rappazzo & Cristian Camusso
TNO: Lori Tavassy & Jaco van Meijeren
TØI: Harald Minken & Knut Sandberg Eriksen
TRL : Paul Emmerson
TTEF: Jadranka Jovic (rapporteur)
TTI: Igor Kabashkin & Eugene Kopytov
UPM: Jose Manuel Vassallo (moderator) & Floridea di Ciommo
UVEG: Pedro Alfonso Pérez Losa & Leandro Garcia
VGTU-TMI: Andrius Jarzemskis & Ieva Markucevičiūtė
VTI: Gunnar Lindberg & Jan-Eric Nilsson
VTT: Anu Tuominen & Marko Nokkala

The Working Group Transport Economics & Policy has created a website to present its activities: http://ectri-wgg.inrets.fr/

- define research program on common fields of interest and promote scientific collaborations in these fields
- form consortia to prepare FP7 proposals

Current activities: Definition of research program in following fields:
- economic evaluation (demand and supply estimation, evaluation of projects, valuation of non-market goods, ex ante and ex post evaluation…)
- regulation and financing (pricing and taxation, financing, creation of competitive markets
- transport policies (political design, interest groups, levels of decision, EU equity assessment..)
- preparation of FP7 proposals

The TWG Transport, Economics and Policy also prepared inputs for the FP7 update. These inputs have been gathered in a report entitled "White spots in the European Transport research traced by ECTRI's Thematic Working Groups". This report was released to the EC in June 2009.

In 2011, the TWG has actively contributed to the European Investment Bank public consultation “Towards a Refined Policy for EIB Lending to the Transport Sector”. The ECTRI contribution has been well received and most suggestions have been taken into account by the EIB.





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